Googleからリアルタイム翻訳イヤホン Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel2のローンチイベントで翻訳端末業界へサプライズ

独立式イヤホンGoogle Pixel BudsがPixel2と連動、Google Assistant経由でリアルタイム翻訳される機能が発表されました。


I am less sure if the other headline feature for the Pixel Buds will be as convenient, but it is certainly impressive. Since the Google Translate app can translate between 40 different languages — that’s 1,600 combinations — so can Pixel Buds. There’s another pop culture reference to evoke here (the Babel Fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), but translating with Pixel Buds is not that seamless.

You hold your finger down on your ear and say “help me speak French,” and speak a phrase. When you lift your finger, the Translate app speaks and displays your translation. Then the person you’re speaking to holds a button down on your phone and says their reply, which you hear in your ear.

I’m a little dubious that this is any more convenient than just passing your phone back and forth and doing everything there, but it worked really well in the demo: a fairly natural voice in my ear translated what the other person said. It’s not quite in real time, but it’s very fast.

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東京マラソンにハイテク警備 小型翻訳端末を初投入 NEC

富士通、問診しながら自動翻訳 医療向け名札サイズ


そんな中いきなりのGoogle Pixel2 x Pixel earbuds。利用シーンに完全に溶け込みそうな選択肢が出てきてしまった。訪日外国人がみんなこれ持ってくれば英語がしゃべれない人が多い日本でも不便しない。


まずはPixel earbuds使ってみたいな。日本での販売予定は今のところなし。アメリカへ買いに行かねば。